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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whole Foods Deals

The sign out of in front of Whole Foods today listed $1 organic avocados and 4 for $3 mangos. Hanover Organic pretzels are also 2/$4. Combine the pretzel sale with the recent coupons for $1 off and you have a great sale on organic pretzels (and sold out). I would expect they will restock this week on the pretzels. Every Tuesday our Whole Foods offers buy 1 get 1 free pizzas. We splurged today and took a couple home with us. This is a great deal for $17. Two large pizzas with up to 4 toppings. I really enjoyed the white pizza with feta, fresh mozzarella, asiago cheese, and red onions. YUM! My toddler ate an entire slice of the ham pizza unassisted! "pi zaaaah" The older two enjoyed as well.

Other deals this week:

$2.99/lb boneless skinless thighs
$4.49/lb beef short ribs
2/$5 16oz Herdez salsa medium or salsa verde
2/$4 cantaloupe
3/$5 Amy and Brian Coconut Juice

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