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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Martins: Quick Picks 08/15 - 08/21

2/$3 Giant produce fresh carrots baby
88¢/lb California red seedless grapes
$2.49/lb Organically grown red or green seedless grapes

Frozen Foods
10/$10 Birds Eye steamfresh vegetables

Canned Goods
4/$3 Chicken of the sea tuna chunk light, in water 5 oz. can

Cleaning & Laundry
10/$10 Arm & Hammer dryer sheets

BUY 4...AND GET... up to $4.50 Off One Gallon of Milk INSTANTLY 
General Mills Cereals Cheerios, 14 oz., Lucky Charms, 11.5 oz., Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, 12.9 oz., Reeses Puffs, 13 oz. or Trix, 10.7 oz. box.($1/2 07/11/10 RP $1/3 08/08/10 GM)

Buy 5 Take $5 off Instantly
2/$5 Hungry Jack microwavable syrup ($1/2 05/23/10 RP $.25 05/24/10 RP)
2/$4 Jif peanut butter ($1/2 When you buy 1 Smucker's and 1 Jif 08/08/10 RP)
2/$3 Smucker's grape jelly ($1/3 05/23/10 RP $1/2 When you buy 1 Smucker's and 1 Jif 08/08/10 RP)
$2.29 Smucker's Uncrustables sandwiches
$2.99 Folgers ground coffee ($1/2 07/11/10 RP)
2/$3 Pillsbury hungry jack pancake mix ($1/2 05/23/10 RP $.25 05/24/10 RP)

Even without coupons these are pretty good deals if these are items you use.  With coupons, you can get 5 Smuckers and 5 Jif  for  $2.50 when you use 5 coupons from the 08/08/10 RP.
5 Smuckers $7.50 + 5 Jif $10  - 2($5) discounts= $7.50 - 5($1)= $2.50
 When the coupons are X/2, it's better to work the deal in multiples of 10.

If you received the Martin's ad in the Sunday paper, there is a $.99 Capri Sun Coupon good on all varieties except 100% juice. Thanks, Judy!


  1. I also saw that there is a coupon on the front of their flyer for $.99 Capri Sun. I have some $1.00 off coupons if anyone wants them...Would make it free!

  2. Yes, there is a $.99 Capri Sun on the home inserts. I will edit this post to include this. Thanks, Judy!

  3. I'm glad I looked at this tonight! :) I love those Uncrustables sandwiches for picnics, and that is a great deal! Thanks!

  4. Today I bought

    1 Hungry Jack Syrup
    3 Jif Peanut Butters
    4 Smuckers Grape Jelly (the BIG 32oz jars)
    2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mixes

    FOR a grand total of $2.75!!!!! Woot Woot!

    And this is all stuff that we eat A LOT OF. The grape jelly is awesome for Crock Pot Meatballs or Weiners!

  5. Rock it, Judy! What coupons did you use?

  6. I had

    3 Buy a Smuckers and Jig get $1.00 off.
    1 Buy any Smuckers $.25 off (doubled to .$50)
    3 of the Buy a Hungry Jack Syrup or Pancake $.25 off

    (I think they only doubled 1 of the Hungry Jack ones..Need to double check) Stupid Martin's policy lol.