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Friday, September 3, 2010

Just wanted to share a couple good shopping trips from Martin's today. My friend Judy bought 7 Kraft bags of shredded cheese and 3 packages of Kraft singles today for $1/each after the $5 Kraft Coupon and $5/$20 Kraft Promo at Martin's.

This afternoon I made a trip to Martin's:

$2.59 Simply Heinz Ketchup
$.50 Reese's Candy bar
$2.93 Cottonelle 4 pack double roll
$3.99 Bag of oranges
$10.00 4 packs of Oscar Mayer Natural Ham
$12.50 5 packs of Kraft Shredded Cheese
$3 Polly-O String Cheese
Sub total $35.51
-$5 Kraft Cheese Promo
-$5/$30 Purchase
-$5/5 Kraft Cheese Coupon
-$1.79 Ketchup (Free weekly coupon)
-$2.93 Cottonelle (Free weekly coupon)
-$2/$5 Meat purchase (Monthly coupon)
-$.10 Reusable bag discount

Total with tax: $14.33

The total before all savings was $46.70. I saved 70%.

I could have saved a little bit more and gotten free glue (coupon in circular) if I'd been a little more together. With all 3 kids along, it was a bit crazy! I forgot the $5 would come off when they hit total, so I had the cashier ring up 2 more of the lunch meats. I was very excited they included the Natural lunch meat in the promo. The Natural versions are often excluded in these types of sales and promos. I was still $.09 short. I grabbed the candy bar. Yes, I've already eaten it. Remember I said it was a crazy trip!

Still, not a bad trip with 14 items for $14!

Share you great trips! Remember tomorrow is the last day for this promo.

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