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Friday, September 3, 2010

Martin's Kraft Deal

Thanks, Judy, for mentioning the $5 off Kraft deal. I've added the following to the original Quick Picks post so you can print the post as a basis for a shopping list.

Spend $20 on participating Kraft products, get $5 off your purchase.
Kraft 8oz shredded cheese 2/$5
Oscar Mayer bologna B1G1
Kraft BBQ sauce $10/10
OM plain sliced ham or turkey 2/$5
OM Fun Pack luncables 5/$10
Polly-O String cheese 2/$6
Kraft Singles 2/$5
Velveeta $4.99
Nabisco snack 2/$4 crackers
Nabisco 100 calorie packs $2/4
Jello Pudding/Gelatin 10/$10
Bagefuls $1.99
Planters Nuts $2.99 and $2.50
Kraft Salad Dressing 2/$4
Easy Mac Cup Club Pack $6.99
A1 Sauce $1.99
Cracker Barrel Cheese 2/$6

You can combine the Kraft $5/5 with the cheese and dairy items on the Martin's Kraft deal for extra savings.  You can also combine the Martin's Monthly Coupon for $2 off of $5 Meat with the OM meat in the Kraft deal. There is also a home mailer for Martin's with a $5/$30 purchase, free Heinz 40oz ketchup, free 4pack of Cottonelle.  In the weekly flyer there is a coupon on the back for free 4oz Elmer's glue.

Here's an idea:

Buy 10 packs of Kraft shredded cheese for $2.50 each.

$25- $5 instant savings= $20 - 2($5)Kraft coupons = $10 for 10 8oz packs of shredded cheese. $1/bag is a great deal on cheese.

Spend another $10 on items you need (I always take advantage of produce sales) and use the $5/$30 home mailer along with the freebie coupons.

$25- $5 instant savings= $20 for 10 bags of cheese
$10 more groceries
$2.93 Cottonelle
$.79 Elmer's Glue
$1.79 Heinz Ketchup
- $5/$30 home mailer Q
-  2($5)Kraft coupons
- $2.93 Cottonelle free
- $.79 Elmer's free
- $1.79 Heinz free
=  $15 plus tax OOP

You could further sweeten the deal if the additional $10 of groceries had corresponding coupons.


  1. Awesome Tara! Thanks so much! I was trying to come up with good scenarios and none of mine were as good as the one you came up with. Printing this now and headed out later to get some $1.00 cheese!

    You rock!

  2. Sorry to keep commenting on this...just went and used your cheese scenario this morning. Got my 7 packs of shredded and 3 packs of singles for $1.00 each!! AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Please, comment away! I'm going to post my transaction. Pretty sweet deal!