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Monday, October 4, 2010

Martin's: Quick Picks 10/03 - 10/09

$1.99 lb. california red or green seedless grapes
5/$5 del monte ready-to-blend fruit smoothie ($1 08/15/2010 RP- not in my area)
B1G1 dole special blend salad or complete kit
4/$1 fresh kiwi by each
$2.99 giant produce fresh asparagus white per lb
$1.29 giant produce fresh melons cantaloupes by each

Meat & Poultry
$1.99 lb. fresh center cut pork chops
$1.69 lb. fresh pork shoulder butt steak, bone-in
$1.99 lb. ground beef
$2.99 lb. u.s.d.a. choice top round london broil

$4.99 lb. nature's promise large raw shrimp

Baking Needs
$12.99 berio oil, olive 101 oz. tin

Canned Goods
$2.99 delmonte fresh pineapple by each
10/$10 green giant vegetables
10/$10 progresso traditional soup

Cereal & Breakfast
4/$10 kashi cereal ($1 peelies)

Cleaning & Laundry
B1G1 arm & hammer laundry detergent
2/$4 clorox disinfecting wipes

10/$10 hunts ketchup 24 oz. bottle
3/$5 naturally delicious barbecue sauce or dressing
2/$4 newman's own pasta sauce
10/$10 del grosso pepperoni pizza sauce

2/$5 lactaid milk
2/$4 sargento shredded cheese

Frozen Foods
10/$10 giant frozen vegetables
2/$9 kashi pizza ($1 peelies)
$1.99 ore-ida french fries

Paper & Plastic Goods
$0.79 scotties facial tissues ($1/5 09/12/10 RP)

$.79 San Giorgio Pasta ($.55 blinkies)


  1. The $.55 blinkies should double to $1.00 for the San Giorgio Pasta making them moneymakers. Only bummer is that Martin's will only double one of them!

  2. The sale on the San Giorgio started last week. I picked up several boxes of Ziti last week on separate trips. They only doubled up to the sale price. Not a MM, but free is great!

    Also keep an eye out for the Bumblebee tuna pouches at $.99. Not sure if they are still on sale. With the blinkies from Kroger (barcode starts with a 5 not a 9), free tuna. The blinkies at Martin's start with a 9. :(