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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rebate: Buy $50 worth of Gift Cards, get $10 Rebate

I found this Coors Lite Rebate for $10 back when you buy $50 or more in Gift Cards. No beer purchase required.  I purchased a $50 Kroger gift certificate.  I then used the Kroger Gift Certificate on my groceries that day.  When I pulled in the driveway, I filled out my rebate, addressed my envelope, and affixed the postage (that's my coupon binder everything is sitting on.)  I walked straight to the mail box to mail.  Definitely an easy $10 for buying something I was going to use.

I have an extra and would love to give it away.  Comment on this blog post by 11:50 pm on Monday, November 22 and be entered in the random drawing giveway for one of these awesome rebate forms. I will contact the winner on Tuesday to get their mailing address to send this rebate.  I always like to include a couple extras in the envelope so give me an idea of your most sought after coupons!

Thanks, Tammy, for the comment. I will send you the rebate and some coupons. Oh, and I have another rebate I know you can use!!

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  1. I would love this. I'm always in need of charmin & tide coupons.