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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Food Lion: Update on Unilever Deal, GM Cereal Deal, & Baby FLIPS

I've seen several reports that the Unilever deal is working based on regular prices not sale prices.  This is fantastic news! It's still only 1 deal per transaction/visit.  It's YMMV if you want to do more than 1 transaction at a single store.  I live within a few miles of 10 or so Food Lions so I could do quite a few transactions without a lot of waste.

For example, you will can make $10 buying 11 Dove Deodorants with 11 Qs instead of 18. The other scenario I posted the other day also changes. I don't have original prices on most of the items. I'm hoping to make a trip this evening since most people will be watching the big game. Breyer's Ice Cream is B1G1 (limit 2 free).  If you bought 4, you would already be at $24 (original price) towards the $35. Oh, the potential!

For those of you looking at the GM deal, there are quite a few GM Cereal printables on There was also a $1/2 Cheerios coupon in today's Smartsource (SS) insert. Ask your friends and neighbors if they need their coupons. Don't be shy. You can bring them a freebie some time as a thank you.

One last detail to share about my recent Food Lion post. The Baby coupons are FLIPS!! That means you can combine them with manufacture coupons for super savings!!

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