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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Martin's: Quick Picks March 20 - March 26

Meat & Poultry
$0.99 giant whole roaster chicken per lb.
$2.99 lb. u.s.d.a choice top round london broil

$2.50 giant produce fresh strawberries each
5/ $1.00 fresh kiwi fruit
99¢ lb. green seedless grapes

$3.49 organically grown yellow onions
3/ $5.00 giant produce fresh carrots baby per lb

3/ $5.00 giant chunk cheese

Canned Goods
$0.69 bumble bee chunk light tuna

Pastas & Sauces
10/ $10.00 barilla pasta

FREE With Purchase and Coupon yehuda matzos

Health & Beauty
$2.00 off Instantly WYB 3 suave participating suave products (B2G1 bodywash 03/20/2011 RP)

Buy 6 Participating Items Save $5 instantly
$2.99 yoplait frozen smoothie
$4.99 farm rich appetizers mozzarella sticks 30 oz box
$4.99 marie callender's dinner bakes
$5.99 bertolli complete dinner for two
2/ $4.00 pillsbury toaster strudel
2/ $6.00 ore ida steam n' mash garlic seasoned potatoes
3/ $5.00 hanover gold or silver line frozen vegetables
5/ $10.00 swanson hungry-man dinner
$5.99 marie callender's pie lemon meringue 39 oz
2/ $6.00 popsicle ice pops
2/ $7.00 weight watchers smart ones novelties

The only items on this list that in that interests me are the Hanover frozen vegetables. Without coupon, you can get 6 bags of veggies for $5 after instantly savings. I was sure there was a current coupon for these as well, but can't find in any database. I'll have to peruse my inserts to see if there was one.


  1. Regarding the Hanover Vegetables, I was able to LIKE them on Facebook and print 2 coupons for $1.00 off 2!

  2. Sweet! Thanks, Judy, for the find!